KFC Add Hope Funding

KFC Add Hope is mandated to feed children and youth (under the age of 18) in South Africa. Funding is provided for a twelve (12) month period and beneficiaries can re-apply for this annually. KFC Add Hope supports feeding through:

  1. Early Childhood Development Centres
  2. Schools
  3. Children and Youth Care Centres and
  4. Aftercare Centres

Funding Criteria

The project should be aimed at feeding programs for vulnerable youth and underprivileged children between the ages of 0- 18. The beneficiary organisation must meet the following criteria to qualify for funding:

  1. The organisation should be aimed at feeding programs for underprivileged and vulnerable youth and children between the ages of 0 -18 years
  2. Should have been in operation for more than 2 years from the date of organisation registration.
  3. Have an organisation registration certificate (e.g. NPO, section 21, deed of trustee, School EIMS etc)
  4. Have an organisation constitution
  5. Have an organisation board of management
  6. Have financial advisor and audited financials

The 2023 application period is closed. New application dates will be communicated in 2024

For more information

To get information on when applications are open please check the KFC website

If you have been approved you can access your profile by logging unto Add Hope portal

For more information contact: za-addhope@yum.com