Reporting Guide

  • 1 Welcome LSM and LSP
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  • 4 Complete Your Report
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LSMs please share this link with your LSPs to complete the funding reports. This is for funding received in the 2018/2019 funding cycle and this is where you will report going forward.

Please, create a profile.
Find your organisation by typing in the name of your organisation in the search field. Click on the organisation name and you will be directed to your dashboard. Request administration rights.

Please, visit this page to proceed.
Find your reports form by clicking the link below. Find the correct report, named: LSP Reporting Form. You will need to complete the entire form in one go and click submit as the form will not save.

Please, visit this page to proceed.
Thank you for completing your report. If you have any questions please contact your local store marketing manager. For technical support please send an email to