By Riana van der Ahee

Since 2015 Vuyani Safe Haven a Child and Youth Care Centre for vulnerable children is the main beneficiary of the Add Hope feeding scheme through the Graaff-Reinet KFC franchise, Chargo (Pty) Ltd. This franchise also supports Vuyani regularly with sponsored food packages delivered with so much care and love by the KFC staff when our children have a special outing. The Add Hope funding does indeed benefit the community’s children placed in Vuyani Safe Haven’s care when in need of care and protection. Due to gross neglect, some of our children have stunted growth because of malnutrition and we are able to give them enough protein, fruit and vegetables to provide a healthy diet. Vuyani’s older children even initiated a charity project together with the caregiver on duty, whereby any child they know of who don't get a decent meal, can receive a meal on appointed Saturdays at the home. All of this is made possible by the R2 you donate when you buy a meal at KFC here in Graaff-Reinet!