By Ria Wessels-Maluleke

KFC Add Hope has been part of our school's feeding scheme since 2015, and has enabled to provide around 30 000 meals per year to the children of Olievenhoutbosch. Today we would like to introduce you to Charlene. She is a Grade R learner in our school. She has a sister in Grade 3 and a younger brother who will start with Grade R next year. When one is working in challenging circumstances, one may be at times be so overwhelmed by the needs that one feel the difference is so small, it does not have an impact on a family or a child. Charlene was in the principal's office doing an individualized School Readiness Assessment. The principal's office is also a storeroom for stationery, food and at donations which the school received. At the end of the assessment Charlene asked the principal if she could have something. Thinking she may ask for a toy or stationery, the principal said: "Yes, what would she like to have?" Charlene then continued to ask for a bread. She said she wants to give it to her mum, since she and her sister are getting nice food from school, but her mum does not have anything at home. This was such an eye opening experience of the needs of the community. Of all the things she could have chosen, her first thought was for food for her family. This is such an example of the need there is for a project like Add Hope, and the difference its making in the community.