By Mandy Spies
SOS Children’s Villages Port Elizabeth views the health and well-being of our children as a priority. Often, these most vulnerable children when they first arrive in our Village are in a habitual lack of care state, usually under nourished and lack adequate safe food. Very often there are health issues that need to be addressed, and clinic or doctors’ visits for a full medical is required. We always take baseline measurements on arrival, noting weight and height, and in babies their head circumference. We then make sure that we address their nutritional needs from the very first day. We were very grateful to a group of Dietetics master’s students from the Nelson Mandela University who, at the end of last year, shared with us their research thesis on nutritional meal plans drawn up specifically for Child and Youth Care Centres. We will be workshopping this information with our Child and Youth Care Workers this month, after which we will help them to draw up appropriate and nutritional menus for the week. We also are committed to weighing and measuring our children every 6 months in order to monitor their growth and development and to improve the nutritional status of our children. We want to thank KFC for the integral part that they play in our children’s nutrition and development.