By Mandy Spies
PMB KFC Story “I will forever be grateful to SOS Children’s Villages for the ongoing support and assistance provided to me, for making me reach my potential. ‘This is a quote from Zothani Zondi, a 19 year old young man from the community of France in Pietermaritzburg, KZN. Zondi is one of the proud beneficiaries of the SOS CV programme. He started benefitting since 2012, after losing both parents. He was left with his maternal granny who was also deceased. His uncle, who was only 19 years old, took care of him. SOS CV programme ensured that all his necessities were well taken care of. This includes educational, health and nutrition in a form of food parcel on a monthly basis. This enabled Zothani to have a well-balanced diet, which made him to develop and grow healthy. Furthermore, to have a healthy mind which assisted him to complete his basic education in 2019 with a Bachelor pass from a local high school. His dream is to become an independent responsible man. Early this year, he enrolled for Travel and Tourism Diploma from a Durban institution of Higher Learning. He is looking forward to the new beginning of his tertiary studies. SOS CV is still with him in realising his dream.