By Duncan Luke

KFC’s CSI programme, Add Hope has been around since 2009 and today feeds more than 110 000 children every day through its 110 beneficiaries. These include childhood development organisations, children’s homes and school feeding programmes. The initiative partners with these beneficiaries to ensure that children are receiving a nutritious meal daily. Add Hope, which runs all year round, allows you to make a difference in the lives of children’s by simply contributing R2 towards the the foundation when you visit a KFC restaurant. In South Africa, 26% of children under the age of nine are stunted as they do not receive sufficient nutrition for proper brain and physical development. This means they cannot learn and play as other children would. KFC’s corporate social responsibility programme, Add Hope, hopes to change this by making a difference in the lives of children in South Africa, providing them with nutritional meals to help them learn, grow and thrive. Since its launch in 2009, Add Hope has grown to feed over 110 000 children across South Africa every day. Running all year round, Add Hope is a national feeding initiative, allowing KFC customers to purchase ‘hope’ off the menu for just R2. This way every one of us has the power to change someone’s life, with every donation going directly to one of 110 Add Hope beneficiaries. For more information, please visit